Wednesday, October 22, 2008

who's on where

I take the bus to work. The bus stop is a block and a half from my house, and I can see it from my front living room window.

Which means I can see my house from the bus stop. What I saw this I get on the bus, I noticed D2 getting in the Saab.

1. She's not allowed to drive that car at will.
2. She's not allowed to drive right now at all (grounded for quite possibly ever).

The real problem though, was that she (D2) was sitting on the couch watching TV with Lola when I left, the nanny hadn't arrived yet.

As the bus pulls away, I get a text msg from the nanny: on my way running late. I texted back, Danielle WAS home when I left...

Per the nanny, Lola was still sleeping.

ANOTHER text from the nanny: I thought she was sleeping cuz I didn't see her, she was playing in D2's room.

I'm not sure who to yell at first.

Happy Wednesday.

PS Weight: Uh, 132? Probably 132.5. So - - 30 lbs off.

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