Monday, October 27, 2008

in no particular order

I love tights (hate nylons) but would kill for a pair that wasn't quite so CONTROL with the control-top. Ow.

Managed to pack breakfast and lunch and make my own coffee. For some reason though (filter still dry when I loaded it up last night?) the coffee was overwhelmingly disgusting, went right down the drain as soon as I got to work. Crumbs.

Solid 131. I'll take that.

We had a good week-end (the little black dress that actually for real really fits was an unqualified hit Saturday night). Lola was a BEAR yesterday morning so we left her with Danielle and went to breakfast just us; we couldn't shut up about being able to read the paper, not caring how long the food took to get there, blah blah nutbars we were grooving on "the good old days".

And then we went back to pick her up for the rest of the errands. It's our only day with all of us together, we actually kinda missed her. We wore her out with the grocery shopping and run to the mall (I was inordinately excited about the purchase of a food processor, how'd I get old?).

We napped (!) I cooked, check this out:

Bacon wrapped asparagus (1.6 each bunch, they were SO good)
Cauliflower mashed potatoes (1-2 per serving, with the blender this was super easy)
Biscuits (>2 each, and 2 are part of my breakfast this morning)
Steak (0)

Watched Dexter and marveled at the plot twists; holy hell is it getting good.

More later, time for work and non-ass-tasting coffee.

OH and Danica was lovely and talented and wicked-good as the bitchy snotty girlfriend of the high school football captain. It was weird seeing her in a play with her dad (my first ex-husband and I did a fair amount of theatre together when we were both in high school) but overall the play - the world premiere of "Ballots" - was infinitely worth missing my Saturday nap.

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