Friday, October 24, 2008

Weighty weights

I hate my scale. It's probably not the scale's fault, but the needle doesn't ever reliably just fall; instead it drops a pound or two, pops back up maybe one, then, meh, eventually dips back down. Maybe. Hopefully.

So I get why you're only supposed to jump on the damn thing maybe once a week but it's maddening nonetheless.

Moving on...

I used to love Fridays. Because after Friday came Saturday and Sunday, two days during which I didn't have to go to work. Now week-ends mean tapping out shit on my blackberry while at the grocery store vs. the convenience of a laptop. Week-ends (and Wednesdays, actually) are karaoke shows. They're grocery shopping and cleaning and herding errant teens and wondering what the hell Lola's still doing awake at 11pm on a Friday night. Sometimes they're exercise and a new magazine but more often than not...week-ends are just different scenery. With crappy coffee since why the hell can I not make a decent cup at home?

On the good news front: progress on cutting back spending. I only went out for lunch once this week, and then it was a side salad with a scoop of tuna (no dressing) and with tip it was about $4 yet filled me up completely. The rest of the week I managed to bring lunches, snacks, coffee, etc. And, D1 has her show this week-end (I missed opening night last night) so I'm really looking forward to that. She's been in theatre all her life, this is her first lead role and if I can make it through the first, oh, 10 seconds without crying all of my kids will be mightily impressed.

I wouldn't bet on it.

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