Thursday, October 30, 2008


Or something like that.

It's where you post every day for a month.

I'll try.

The show went well, but I was glad to get a ride home early since Jeff was gonna keep going. It seems all the shows are going late now, methinks we're spoiling our clients.

Lola was up and chirping before my alarm clock. She managed to lay still and sorta sleep with me for a bit before playing with my head and whispering and randomly tracing x's on my back with her cold little feet. She got up to torture Unca Buh and while she's mostly funny and endearing and so damn smart, she is one bossy little toddler and that really needs to be reigned in. Unca Buh though, ever the pushover...

Beaner had a great blog post up today (scaling mountains in Scotland) and I tell ya, it's a trip being a mom to 5 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT souls on this planet. More on that later, back to my disgusting coffee.

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