Monday, October 27, 2008

frakkin SNOW are you kidding me?

I know, it's late October in Madison this happens EVERY year and will continue to happen EVERY YEAR yet EVERYTIME it happens I get grouchy.

It's snowing, just ever so much. I, however, am wearing a dress (albeit with tights) and my commute involves walking and busing. Oh, poor cold me, right?

Today's blogoworld has been interesting, to say the least. I'm getting my feet wet by commenting more on blogs I admire, and following links to other blogs I feel would be fun to read. Some of the vitriol today, however, has me gun-shy.

The blogging exercise is, for me, two-fold. It's a social experiment related to work (online communities, etc.) as well as basis for eventually promoting the work being done on There's the added benefit of forcing me to actually write, a discipline long-neglected, but it's the exercise itself that ignited my recent efforts.

I see the shitstorms on other blogs today though, and make myself close out of the tabs, "x", just like that. Just for a little while. I do not want to be discouraged.

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