Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I wasn't kidding about the crazee

Punchdrunk sugared up crazee

Ring-around-Bailey wasn't enough, the evening turned to box-on-head-run-into-things night.

Winding down...

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Turns out Lola's new puppy ("Bailey") (thank you MELISSA!) has a great butt for resting one's head on. Who knew.

Eyeing stuff

Eyeing stuff
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Oddly, not presents, but rather a prickly cactus. Kids are weird.

I'm not sure who looks goofier.

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Like it matters, lol.

Someone got my eyebrows.

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The 48-hr Birthday

In no particular order, some photo goodies of the last couple days...

Lola was rockstar toddler for the drive to Milwaukee Monday night. The weather sucked, but other than an occasional squawk (itchies! i can't see! - at night...) the only horrible thing was that she unsnapped her seatbelt, ninja-stealth style. But we got to Grandma's and she went running in the house and sat and ate and colored, only picking at the gaily-wrapped present on the table once. We bundled back up and by then Jeff was there, so we crossed the street exactly in the nick of time to see Dale turn on the bar and his home lights, hugely impressive. Everyone counted down and Lola's face lit up and she chirped "Party!". Then she had a kiddie cocktail and went back home with Grandma while Jeff and I hiked to the 2nd-from-the-top row for Neil Diamond, which was such a treat and why the hell don't we do that stuff more often?

Hell-night for Jeff (he slept on the floor by kicking-Lola) Monday night, but Tuesday was more presents and driving and yet more presents. She spent her first night being 3 in her new (HUGE) bed, without falling off tyvm.

More later, actual work to catch up on, but here - the pics (I know, the only reason anyone's here!).

Friday, November 21, 2008


Danica left Lola home alone, Billy came home to Lola wandering the basement playing with paint. I just burned a plastic bowl with hot bacon grease, and hosed myself down trying to aim the water nozzle thingy at the melting blob. Tonight's Mother of the Year Award: Guess.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Marinette's en route to LA for a couple days.

Danielle had a fire at her school. After much lecturing (me, to her) about when it is and isn't appropriate to swear, she refrains from swearing in her comment on FB regarding the fire. That kid, I swear...

Work is...there are no words. Big fat press release went out today, I think I'll exhale sometime this week-end.

Beaner is back from Spain and parts unknown (literally, I do not know where she's been on break), and is the happy consumer of all things Oreos and Wafer Cookies.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Neil Diamond here we come!

I used my "2 years with Company present" to get el cheapo tickets to none other than Neil Diamond. Jeff sounds excited, I'm looking forward to it, however it's Monday night and I don't want to take time off work (the next day) except I kinda sorta do as Tuesday is Lola's birthday. No answers there yet, it's just nice to have a big date-kind-of-thing to look forward to.

So. I'm determined to get some sleep before then, holy hell.

And, 12..7? Yah, something like that. Tired woot.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Lola Saturday morning (an absolute peanut at breakfast)!

And me, uh, Saturday night with some other* girls:

*the best friends evah


Criminy, the week's barely started and it feels like I'm starting on 4th and 10.

Things I'll talk about after I catch my breath:

- Jeff's home. YAY omg YAY. It's just so very nice to have him home where he belongs. And Lola couldn't get off the couch fast enough (just about tripping in the tangle of covers she'd creating squirming free) to run over and hug him up. That was awesome.

- "Come to Jesus" meeting at the house. Cannot. Clean. Up. After. EVERYONE. Dammit.

- Work. For real, oh the amounts of work to plow through...

- Maybe mention the Motrin ad. I can say this because no one actually reads this blog, but: huh? It was tongue-in-cheek to a very specific audience (clearly the non-baby-wearing-audience) but not the federal offense it's been made out to be. More later, just wanted to say it's interesting to see the backlash play out online, will track to see if the backlast translates to measurable gains/losses for Motrin brand.

- Diet. Blah. Did well going into week-end and then ran outta steam yesterday afternoon. It's ok, progress takes time.

More later, deep breath...

Friday, November 14, 2008

4:45 c'mon, week-end...

I have (so far) survived this week. I have the "second shift" yet of getting home, taking care of dinner/lola/cleaning/bedtime/etc. but thank the stars, it's Friday.

I need brain food. Also, groceries.

My sister's here, I'm worried that Billy can't handle the living situation, I know Danielle's grumpy about doing the basement (even though it was her idea to help get it finished up) and I honestly don't even know where Danica is half the time. I know I need to be patient, but can only keep up with so many sensitivity levels at once. I'll do what I can to get through this week-end but once Jeff's home it's time for a summit at 2215 Superior St. Everyone needs to play nice and pitch in.


It's nice to reconnet with people from your past, as I just did with a former colleague. It's easy to forget just how many people out there hold memories of you.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


On my professional Twitter account, I have people following me where I'm not sure how they found me. I'm (maybe oddly so) painstakingly deliberate in who I follow/subscribe to, and for the most part I can connect the dots from them to me. From me to...them (whomever "them" might be) isn't as clear.

I'm sure I'm not the first genius to encounter this. Still...weird.

Bedtime with Bonzo

Cheesy as hell but if you're Grandma or, oh, say, Daddy on the road, this'll cheer you up:

First up, ABC EE EEs...

And then a little Itsy Bitsy with extra Itsy:

where'd they go?

I had all these deep, flowing currents of blog fodder on my brain last night. We'd (me and Lola) had taken Unca Buh to dinner for Veteran's Day, I was testing the replacement power cord ($94 are you freakin' kidding me?) and Lola was post-tubbies Elmo-PJ'd snuggling on me. I wanted to crack open the laptop, navigate to a new post, and describe the simple completeness.

Instead I videotaped Lola singing a couple songs (posts shortly), took a Tylenol PM and crashed to Sex and the City reruns. A different simplicity, I guess.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Jeff and Chris are hauling ass cross-country. Last night, I cooked (well, re-heated leftovers), Lola and I did our 'exercises' (with Danielle, ha HA) and had our cuddle/show/books/songs. The imp (Lola, not Danielle) snuck outta bed and got herself all comfy cozy on the couch with a blanket and the TV on before I sent her back to bed. Oh, that sad pathetic cry when she's busted could the world be MORE unfair? It's more than a little heartbreaking.

But then I got sucked into watching "Juno" and marveled at the similarity between Juno's dad and mine, physically uncanny. And I like to think that, had our communication been closer then to what it is now, my dad and I would have had similar moments. The difference is that I kept Ashlei, and he showed his support once it was real.

Anyway (more on that huge topic another time) it was a relaxing, productive evening. And, I'm at 129. Life's good.

Monday, November 10, 2008

happy to lose

I can't blog every day. And I'm not a bad person for it.

Also, how lazy have I been? In a flurry of getting shit done this week-end:

- resume basement remodel
- yank ivy off garage
- clean gutters (well, have twins do that)
- rake the yard (again, with help)
- put up full-length mirror (thanks hon!)
- work out (basic AND Pilates, with Lola's 'help')
- cook many many meals and prep lunches
- send Jeff off on his 7-day national tour (wah)

I realized the little things make SUCH a big difference and what the hell, Marivic-of-the-last-year-or-so? I know running shows 3 - 5 nights/week on top of a full-time job and the travel and the kids and a toddler and actual relationship stuff can be...time-consuming. And tiring.

But it takes 2 min. to prep the coffee maker. Pop leftovers in baggies for tomorrow's lunch. Dinner can be...omelettes. Lola LOVES "exercising" and remember running up to 3 miles at a time?

As usual, more later, this was my lunchtime diversion.

Oh, and Operation Potty Training commenced. HOO-BOY.

Friday, November 7, 2008

wherein, whatever

It's looking to be a quiet day at work. Myself, the usual - dig into this all-consuming project while not yet sure the powers-that-be actually approve. Oh well.

Lola, darling muffin that she is, has GOT to sleep in past 7:30am. I know the time change fucks with toddlers (who am I kidding, it's the parents that get the shaft) but I keep waking up to her petting my arm and standing there oh so hopeful it's time for TV and Treats even though it's, gah, virtually still dark out. I do enjoy the morning cuddles (when she's actually lying still and not atwirl in our bed) but what motivation I have for getting up and going to work whittles away with each warm-bundly-second. See above: those seconds don't last all that long, so I'm generally fine.

Coffee's cooled off enough to drink, 'cheers' to Friday.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bitter, blustery and toothpaste

It's cold, dreary, rainy, windy and Thursday.

I did the 'check in the elevator mirror before walking into the office' bit this morning.

I had toothpaste on both cheeks from Lola's g'bye kisses.

Thumbs up: I caught it before going into work.

Thumbs down: I rode the bus to work like that.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Expect more of these chronologically-whacked excerpts, trying to lighten the laptop load.

This is...maybe a year ago? All I know is it's pre-Ashlei-cutting-her-hair-without-telling-me:

SUCH a good sport

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Jeff (and Unca Buh) were in surprisingly fine spirits given their guy lost and I dragged them to enemy camp. I think the Tequila helped.

High Noon indeed

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Quite possibly the only moment we weren't all 3 on our iPhones/crackberries - GREAT gals to be out celebrating with!

And finally, me

Oy...rough start and then thank baby jesus stars the battery on the camera DIED. I clearly have no pride or I wouldn't be posting this but HEY I'm feeling festive.

As promised: Jeff rockin' the Gomeroke

Our election celebration continued with Jeff "Dancin with the Devil"

Our election night celebration

Inadvertently included karaoke! Well, "Gomeroke" (karaoke with a LIVE BAND), as they were the entertainment at the bar in which we chose to watch the returns.

First vid though, Lola chirping about the "OROCK OBAMA PARTY":

Up next: Jeff vid

new post on a new day, a new era

Tonight was beyond description. Beaner, if you're reading this in London YES yer mum bawled her eyes out at the Obama celebration.

I have 5 bi-racial daughters. This, now, is the world they come of age into. To the scared, wandering 4 year old new to American shores (and snow) that was me so many year ago , I give this nod: This is why. To my girls (I'll have better, real sentences tomorrow) 'cheers' and I love you dearly.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

scratch that

My nerves couldn't POSSIBLY handle any type of repeat of today. Thank gawd for Lola, running around yelling "arock obwama" like, well, the toddler she is.

Heading out for dinner, with plans to hunker down the rest of the night after that. I realize the economy is the lead issue these days, and we're going to celebrate this historic night by being good little consumers. Go us.

Oh, and CNN/Fox/etc? Quit calling shit with single-digit percentages in. Rubes.

Can every day be election day?

Everyone's googling and drudging and feedreading so I'll spare you the link farm, I just want to comment on quality and inspiration and FEELING all over the 'nets today.

People are sharing and reaching out. There's a connectedness (thank you Twitter!) that, while oppressive and (for me) mostly 'opt-out' most days, is refreshing today.

I'm not a joiner. Hell, it took me HOW long (yah, this long) to start blogging (which, I know, soo 2005). And I work for a tech company!

But today, sign me up. I'll read, I'll share, and look - I'm writing.

Today? I'll take it.

clothes make the woman

Absurd, yes, but true: I had a red T-shirt on, went back in and changed (to a black one). I didn't want, on election day, anyone thinking I was in the McCain camp.

To be totally honest, I'm not in either camp. I wanted Hillary to win. But an Obama victory, pretty cool and not the end of the world. With a McCain win, we'd see a woman as VP. Not bad choices facing Americans today.

And that's all I'm going to say on it. This was really about, uh, the color of my shirt. (what?)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Jeff and Marivic

Jeff and Marivic
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aka The Joker and Poison Ivy.

We didn't win the costume contest, but WERE total winners in that we left early (for us, just past midnight) and managed to be rested for the Lola-candy-thon rest of the week-end...

you had me at hello

hi from Tommy
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I asked my former boss (then-WI Gov) Tommy Thompson to say hi, he launched into...uh, this...(am not sure he actually remembered ME as much as working with WOMEN, geez).

NoBloPo shot already

That's ok, I've got pics!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

yesterday, once more

Ok, I missed day one already. Oops.

I'll fill in the blanks, but providing the sound system for the McCain rally was way trippier than even I thought it was going to be. Hint: Tommy Thompson there.

Vid later, off to numanumbs.