Friday, November 7, 2008

wherein, whatever

It's looking to be a quiet day at work. Myself, the usual - dig into this all-consuming project while not yet sure the powers-that-be actually approve. Oh well.

Lola, darling muffin that she is, has GOT to sleep in past 7:30am. I know the time change fucks with toddlers (who am I kidding, it's the parents that get the shaft) but I keep waking up to her petting my arm and standing there oh so hopeful it's time for TV and Treats even though it's, gah, virtually still dark out. I do enjoy the morning cuddles (when she's actually lying still and not atwirl in our bed) but what motivation I have for getting up and going to work whittles away with each warm-bundly-second. See above: those seconds don't last all that long, so I'm generally fine.

Coffee's cooled off enough to drink, 'cheers' to Friday.

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