Monday, November 10, 2008

happy to lose

I can't blog every day. And I'm not a bad person for it.

Also, how lazy have I been? In a flurry of getting shit done this week-end:

- resume basement remodel
- yank ivy off garage
- clean gutters (well, have twins do that)
- rake the yard (again, with help)
- put up full-length mirror (thanks hon!)
- work out (basic AND Pilates, with Lola's 'help')
- cook many many meals and prep lunches
- send Jeff off on his 7-day national tour (wah)

I realized the little things make SUCH a big difference and what the hell, Marivic-of-the-last-year-or-so? I know running shows 3 - 5 nights/week on top of a full-time job and the travel and the kids and a toddler and actual relationship stuff can be...time-consuming. And tiring.

But it takes 2 min. to prep the coffee maker. Pop leftovers in baggies for tomorrow's lunch. Dinner can be...omelettes. Lola LOVES "exercising" and remember running up to 3 miles at a time?

As usual, more later, this was my lunchtime diversion.

Oh, and Operation Potty Training commenced. HOO-BOY.

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