Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The 48-hr Birthday

In no particular order, some photo goodies of the last couple days...

Lola was rockstar toddler for the drive to Milwaukee Monday night. The weather sucked, but other than an occasional squawk (itchies! i can't see! - at night...) the only horrible thing was that she unsnapped her seatbelt, ninja-stealth style. But we got to Grandma's and she went running in the house and sat and ate and colored, only picking at the gaily-wrapped present on the table once. We bundled back up and by then Jeff was there, so we crossed the street exactly in the nick of time to see Dale turn on the bar and his home lights, hugely impressive. Everyone counted down and Lola's face lit up and she chirped "Party!". Then she had a kiddie cocktail and went back home with Grandma while Jeff and I hiked to the 2nd-from-the-top row for Neil Diamond, which was such a treat and why the hell don't we do that stuff more often?

Hell-night for Jeff (he slept on the floor by kicking-Lola) Monday night, but Tuesday was more presents and driving and yet more presents. She spent her first night being 3 in her new (HUGE) bed, without falling off tyvm.

More later, actual work to catch up on, but here - the pics (I know, the only reason anyone's here!).

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