Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Came, went

Birthday was surprisingly great (turned into birthday week-end and then some). Learned something about myself, which is this: I suck at relaxing. Facials and massages are supposed to be just that, though, so I wasted the first part of the day just trying to chill already. Guess I'm not used to sitting still and letting my mind wander, etc. So, to counter-act this, I'm reading more lately. Focuses me away from/off the churn, if only for a bit.

Workout-wise, honestly hard to say. I've dropped a couple more pounds, but what I'm really noticing is that the workouts are visibly paying off, so I'm obsessing less about the scale. There's a perverse pleasure in being unspeakably sore, and yet showing up for more the next day.

Work-wise, countdown to April 30. I'm still rather bitter about the change in status (from employee to 1099) and of course SUCKS to lose the benefits, but am too busy ramping up the PR biz to really dwell on it. So very much to do...

Home-wise...mostly A+ (everyone's pitching in better) but my heartache with Danica catches me offguard at times. It was great to see Beaner at dinner last night ("I met a girl" - Beaner's so cute) and I wish Ashlei would call more but Danielle's been super helpful and funny and between her and Lola and Marinette I do sit at home and laugh my ass off at times.

The shows are...again, mostly doing well. I fear for the Friday night show, as the bartender at Dutch Mill is a complete wanker, but the rest of them are picking up steam.

This is a placeholder post, a reminder to myself of all the catching up yet to be done. Jeez.

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