Monday, December 15, 2008

No-nap Lola

That title pretty much sums it up, we are wearysville here tonight.

Today was a(nother) vicious cycle of non-productivity. There are moments I appreciate my job, feel I do it well, and enjoy the camaraderie of my co-workers. Other moments, gah, I'm just clearly not cut out for this.

What am I cut out for? Let's see...

Fitness stuff (lately), including health, nutrition, various diet and exercise regimes.

Parenting. 5 daughters'll do that to ya.

I guess the karaoke stuff, business management in general.

Cooking. Sometimes.

Fanatic experimentation with clothes, make-up, skincare. Am still hoping for the holy grail of looks and lines that work for short midwest Filipinas. Ha, to this.

I can event plan something to within an inch of its life, then emcee and host said event. This particular trifecta is renewed; I had the confidence years ago, got fat and lost it, and have worked my way back to that confidence level. Is good.


That was a fun exercise. In fact, more on this later.

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