Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I'm sitting in my dining room. It's been pretty much converted to my home office, and while it's not the ideal home office situation there's a lot going for it.

I work next to a window that overlooks our quiet little neighborhood.

I can work with background music, or the constant nattering of CNN. Recently, the random crackling of the wood burning in the fireplace has been a most pleasant companion. It's visually inspiring, physically warm, smells wonderful, and has the added bonus of helping cut down on the gas bill.

My morning routine before was waking up really early to drive really far and work for a company I really couldn't stand*.

Now Lola plays with my phone while I mutter about getting up. She dresses herself while I get coffee. I brush her hair, she picks a Lola-show to watch. She eats breakfast while I check email. We saddle up (bundle up, really), get Stich on-leash, and walk down the street to Kathy's house.

She told me today she doesn't like to walk fast, because then we'll get there and she likes walking so let's take our time. *melt*

I drop Stitch's leash around the post at the end of the sitter's driveway, and walk in with Lola. Hugs kisses etc., grab Stitch, and we walk back home.

I'm at my desk reading and blogging and generally working by 9, 9:30. I (happily) go until I have somewhere to be or it's time to pick up Lola. Stitch literally sleeps next to me the entire work day.

I'll add back in things like going to the gym and a routine for errands but for now I'm settling into this new rhythm and loving every minute of it.

*As a nation we carry too much credit card debt and helping a company make money with credit didn't sit well with me, is all.

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