Thursday, January 8, 2009

The challenge

Due to Jeff's company's economic crisis, I now face going 7 days on $200 for a household of...6. Just typing it out makes it crazy sounding, but it's actually an interesting experiment. One I wish I knew we were going to face, as I would have bought vodka.

Anyway, I think I'll chronicle the next 7 days, if only to ease the ache a bit. This shouldn't actually be that hard - we'll need some basics as we go along but the true test will be not going out to shoot pool or karaoke or drink (or all of the above). I can already see how spoiled we've become the past few years; granted we work our tails off, but we never, ever, truly 'go without'. And even this, this won't be going without things like heat, electricity, food, a roof over our heads; no, what we need to cut out needed to be trimmed already, so there's that.

I hope to grow from this. But I really do wish there were vodka in the house.

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